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Monday, June 18, 2018

Growing the South African Economy

African governments should allow deregulation and decentralisation of their water and electricity grids. This will create huge private investment and will grow our water and electricity resources very quickly and at no cost to the government. In fact, due to this private infrastructure investment, governments will more easily be able to carry out their social agendas.

Note that until 1923, there were a number of private electricity grids and suppliers in South Africa. These become a single monopoly in 1923 when the Electricity Supply Commission (Eskom) was formed. So we have the capability and the technology.

We also don't need outside help in the form of handouts and donations. We need technical resources and we need social help, to get our leaders to understand that by relinquishing some control, their economies will grow very quickly and for example in South Africa, a 7% increase in VAT from 14% to 15% might yield R36 billion at a huge cost to the economy, but if the economy was allowed to grow, government would get R133 billion additional revenue from a 10% growth.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Back by Popular Demand

In 2016, I removed, by making all old articles "drafts" my old BLOG posts. But now and then either I or others want to look at those old posts, and so today I Published about 300 "old" posts.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Why I do "badly" and why you should hire me!

This video shows exactly why I did badly at school, and sometimes why I do "badly" now. I didn't and I don't give the answers my teachers, and even perhaps my clients, want to hear.

I realised at 35 that the reason that I did badly at poetry was because when the teacher said "what do YOU think of this poem", I told the teacher what I thought. At 35 I realised that the teacher meant "what do I think of this poem". If my teacher has said "what do I think of this poem", I would have got 100%. I mean, imagine having Shakespeare in your class. He would have "failed".

Luckily my parents told me to focus only on school work in Matric and so my grades went from E's to B's for Maths and Science and I got into University. And then my mind was blown by Dr Smart in first year Maths. He showed us a complex formula for Pythagorus. I found an easier answer in the World Book Encyclopedia. I took it to Dr Smart (his real name) the next day, and he said "Use it". I said "really". He said "I don't care how you prove what I teach as long as it works. You don't need to do it my way. In fact, if you invent a new way, I will be delighted and then maybe we can get a Nobel prize". I think he left out the last part, but I got the message.

And then when I did my MBA I did well because I invented a new way of working. I read the book my teacher recommended, and then I discovered that if I read a book by a different author and they had a different way of working, then in an exam, I could answer: "teacher said; the other person said; but I think ..." and I could get 100%. If I just said "teacher said, but I think", I would have got a lower mark.

You have to do analysis and synthesis.

I knew this at school.

Many people ask if I do "Agile". I say that I've been doing it since I started programming in 1979. I've always done my best to firstly NOT write the program (has someone done it already), and then to find the fastest way to give my client something they like and then build on it.

"The performance of the whole is not the sum of the parts, but the sum of their interactions", and hence why we cannot optimise parts of a business. Many parts of businesses are "loss makers" and the creative people in these parts of the business are made to think that they are failures and that they are inferior to those who make commissions in sales, or who work in "profit centres". And this is why our organisations fail. It is not just the "creative" department, which is creative. We are all creative. And we must be ourselves.

"Imagine if the system was destroyed last night. What would you do if you could do whatever you want?"

Study the whole.

I love the video. It is so much a CV and worthwhile getting today. Thank you to my friend Dean for pointing it out to me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Who is David Lipschitz?

Who I am:

I am a guide.

I help people to see what their mission is in life. Not with Psychology, although I like Assagioli's Psychosynthesis approach, and I use the Buddhist "feeling" approach and Carolyn Myss's intuitive healing approach to support what I do. And I have developed my own way of seeing people's energy signatures and helping them on their path. From an IT perspective, I use Jackson's Structured Programming and Agile Methodologies. And I specialise in Delphi and Oracle (and other RDMBS's) software development and integration projects.

I have programmed in Pascal since 1983 and Delphi since 1995 and Oracle since 1991. So I've programmed in Delphi and Oracle most of my life. And I've discovered that I am an Oracle at Delphi, with a deep insight into people and their energy systems.

I have programmed for 40 years and I look forward to the next 40 years and the IOT (Internet of Things) and the possibility of getting to what I call "Level 2" and meeting our galactic neighbours. I am a computer programmer and I also help people see their inherent, latent, "program".

I am an internal and external energy expert. I make money by software development, by energy consulting in water and electricity, and by guiding (a combination of coaching, mentoring, teaching, and being someone's support).

I support my abilities by being a Reiki Master, Tai Chi Instructor, African Djembe Drummer, Shaliach Tzibbur (prayer leader in my Jewish Congregation), Buddhist, Bodhisattva, Kabbalist, Alchemist, and through my involvement in community activities and human rights activities.

I am a multipotentiality in an exponential world.

I aim is to help people achieve the latent greatness that is within them.

I can work in a one off situation, which can last an hour to a week, or as the spare capacity in an organisation, or on a retainer.

I look forward to hearing from you and to helping with with your tactical strategy, your next step within your overall strategic development.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Water Scarcity or Abundance?

Without water we cannot survive. And in a modern world, we also cannot survive without electricity. Electricity and Water are both abundant on our planet, as well as food and other "scarce resources". I want to show this to people and how they can overcome scarcity and attain abundance.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Is the Western Cape's Water Crisis over?

The DA says that "Day Zero" has been pushed to 2019 (https://www.thesouthafrican.com/day-zero-pushed-back-cape-town/) and citizens think that the drought is over, and people believe them and stop buying water tanks, and water consumption has gone UP? And we are distracted by buildings and highways and De Lille's court case, and land invasions, but the drought remains.
IS THE DROUGHT OVER? Or are we so out of touch with reality that we will believe anything our politicians tell us?
Is there more water? NO.
It is raining? NO.
The dams are fuller? NO.
Desalination plants have come online? NO.
We are getting all the water we need from the aquifer? NO.
We can use more than 50 litres a day of water? NO.
Farmers are being given their proper allowances of water, so that we don't run out of food? NO.
Water prices have decreased? NO.
Level 6b restrictions have gone back to level 6a? NO.
The government has declared an "all clear"? NO.
The DA says everything is ok and we won't run out of water in 2018. YES.
So everything is now ok?
I am lost. Please can someone explain what is going on?

Friday, March 23, 2018

Rights and Responsibilities: written by me: 18 April 2004

Every person has a right to life, a right to freedom of association, a right to freedom of religion, a right to liberty, a right to travel, a right to protection by the state, a right to equality, a right to an education, a right to freedom of speech.
However, along with these rights come certain responsibilities:
• A right to life implies the duty or responsibility to protect that right; the responsibility not to endanger the lives of others (without their consent); the responsibility not to murder; the responsibility not to violate others’ space, is not to commit adultery and not to steal;
• A right to freedom of association implies the duty not to interfere with another’s organisation, unless it is physically interfering with you or endangering your way of life;
• A right to freedom of speech implies the responsibility not to incite hate, not to cheat another person, not to lie and not to gossip;
• A right to liberty implies that some people might be in different positions to our positions, may have a better way of life, or may have a different way of life. We must not be greedy for this way of life, but rather honour it and if our inclination is such, strive for a similar way of life through honest and hard work, conscientious application of our selves, aiming for 100% in everything we do; and thus enjoying the fruits of our labours, whether these be monetary or spiritually;
• A right to freedom of religion implies the duty to respect and admire other peoples’ religions and their choices in life;
• A right to an education implies the responsibility to study and attend school;
* A right to hospital care implies the responsibility to be as healthy as possible;
* A right to drive a car implies the responsibility to behave on the roads.