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Monday, December 14, 2020

Maybe a quicker way to Mars?

 Some holiday reading …

Can't afford a ride on Elon's shuttle to Mars? Go there telepathically! Note that it requires a new way of being on earth, but it's possible. See Ramblings of an A-lien

Friday, December 4, 2020

Choose your Price

I loaded my third book onto Smashwords and made the pricing on all three books “User chooses price”, which allows you to choose the price. The RRP is $4.95 for this class of book, but you can pay more or less or even zero.
This is actually something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.
Offer my services at the price people want to pay for it. If people get value from what they read, then they can (still offer to) pay me.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

26 years old

Today is 26 years since I permanently employed myself, forming a company that is still in operation and which employs me. I'm told that this means that I'm self employed, but I have a contract with my company, and interestingly I sign both parts of it, once on behalf of my company and once on behalf of myself.

After university, I contracted for 2 years, then was employed for six years and then employed-myself for another 26 years till today.

Parts of my success are:
1) In 1994, I said: "people know what they want and need help in getting it". That is my job. And one I've tried to live up to all these years.
2) In 1999, I created a vision for the future world I would build for myself, and it is still taking shape and every month I make a small progression on this path.
3) I've had two opportunities to liquidate my business but each time I've negotiated with my creditors and employees and survived and not left people without money. I believe in positive energy and in karma and I believe that we need to look after this and not liquidate ourselves or our businesses because we legally can do so.
4) I've been on a mission to develop bug-free software as a standard and a goal. I've specialised in relational database systems and in the full software development lifecycle, rather than in so-called full stack development.
5) I've worked on building and enhancing my self-esteem and whislt I've read hundreds of self-help books, the only self-help books I need to read in future are the two books I've personally written, one for personal self-help and the other for community-self-help. These books are online, but both in a substantive edit process at the moment, taking me an hour per page to edit.
6) In 1991/1992, I did an MBA at Cranfield in the UK. I didn't do it to double my salary, although happily my salary did double during my MBA, but that was because I showed the company I worked for a big opportunity that they took and they rewarded me. I did the MBA for personal development. And it has stood me in good stead these past 30 years. My biggest problem though is that I blame myself when things go wrong saying "you've got an MBA and this shouldn't have happened" but then I console myself by knowing that my MBA allows me to know when to stop or when to change direction. And I've also spotted over the years that many hundreds of major corporations with MBA's and BComs and others, have gone out of business, and whilst I feel sorry for them, I realise that everyone makes mistakes. I also attended an entrepreneur event where I put up my hand and said "my biggest problem as an entrepreneur is that I give myself a hard time" and the presenter asked the whole conference of 300 people who has this problem, and everyone put up their hands! And I realised that this is a "problem" of entrepreneurship.
7) I've cared about the environment. The internal (health) environment and the external (worldly) environment. My wife and I have worked from home for 20 years and we believe the message of the 2020 plague is that all office workers must work from home. Each time office workers try to get back to normal, another wave (plague) arrives. Each time we try to harden our hearts, another plague arrives as we forget to learn the lessons of the plagues.

There is so much opportunity and possibility and abundance on our tiny tiny tiny planet in a huge multi-verse of universes, galaxies, stars and planets, yet we spend our time being selfish and hoarding, and storing. rather than sharing and being wealthy altogether.

Thank you to everyone I have known over the past 56 years of my current existence and for making my life the life it's been. I love you all. I forgive you all. I reward and bless you all.

King David of the My Power Station Realm.
4th November 2020.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

What is the most amazing application that you have built?

As part of the registration process on TopTal (Top Talent), one is asked "What is the most amazing application that you have built?" and one is requested to refer to someone with similar experience to what one has. This someone is Taras Mykhailovych, and you can find out about him here.

Pondering the question about the most amazing application, I immediately thought back to an incredible textile system that I developed from scratch in the 1990s and an accounting system that I developed and integrated for a client in the 2000s. I been involved with so many other amazing developments over the past 30 years of my software development career.

But the project that stands out for me is the project I'm currently working on. It is called PiMan, and it is a planning and monitoring system for the Western Cape Government (WCG). PIMAN stands for Performance and Monitoring and Management.

I am so lucky to be part of the incredible Sinjani team who were nominated to develop this software, and we are developing it in Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle APEX, and using JavaScript and NodeJS libraries. The software integrates with the Sinjani Statistics Management System, written in Oracle PL/SQL "full stack", htp.p, with HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, NodeJS, and other libraries.

I am involved in a cross-functional team that straddles IT, Planning, Health Management, Corporate Services and other departments of the WCG.

As part of the team, I have been allowed to design the ERD's and data structures, and after three months development there are already 39 tables, 25 APEX Pages, and the beginnings of a Power BI Dashboard. I have not only been enhancing my 30+ years of Oracle and Relational Database knowledge but also been doing Udemy courses to improve my APEX, and PowerBI and learn Python. All this learning time is in my own time, as I am a contractor, and my clients expect me to know these things and not to have to learn on the job. Sometimes clients ask me specifically to learn a new technology on the job, as they realise that I contribute massively to all the projects on which I work. I am always interested in the entire project, and not only the piece I am doing.

Lockdown has meant that over 2,500 WCG staff and contractors are working from home. Statistics show that 63% of staff are (were) office-based, and 80% of these staff, working from home in 2020, feel that they are more productive working from home, which is positive news for health, for traffic reduction, for getting out of buildings and a huge positive for our environment.

Note that PiMan is enormous and it is an 18-month project, which I'm hoping to complete in 9 months. We are 3 full-time months in, although we started six months ago. This because of my other workload for WCG. I also still have other clients, one on a retainer and others ad-hoc. So if you need me, contact me, and I can help you with urgent needs, just as a doctor or healer quickly identifies and diagnoses a problem, and sets you on a course to heal it. My multipotentiality nature and comprehensive learning and intuition help me to intuitively and rapidly identify patterns and processes and paths through the information maze in which we find ourselves and where the modern problems are mysteries rather than puzzles. With a puzzle, you know which piece is missing. With a mystery, you have all the pieces (data and information), but you don't know where to look, or maybe you don't even know where to start.

Note also that I have registered on TopTal as I learn so much when I register on these AI-driven web sites. Being acknowledged as a Top Talent Developer will be a feather in my cap and an acknowledgement of my capabilities and knowledge, and it will help potential clients learn about me so that I have work once PiMan is completed.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

#OpenUp and #WorkFromHome

 Load Shedding in South Africa coincides with Lock Down Level 2!

The Authorities (and building owners) want us to go back to work. But we have proved that we can do our work from home and in fact we can do it much better and more efficiently than before, with less stress and an ability to work anytime on urgent projects, and our clients typically get more hours from us when we work from home.

So buy a generator or simply buy a UPS that allows your computer or laptop and network to keep running so that you can keep working from home, load shedding or not. Just think how much money you save by only needing one car in your family or by not needing to travel to work each day. Transport costs can be a huge part of one's budget, never mind all the sicknesses that one gets by working in office buildings.

Covid19 came to teach all office workers to work from home. To get all conferences to happen from home. To get schooling to happen from home. To dramatically reduce business travel.

By continuing to do these things we continue make nature beautiful again. And Open up will allow us to go to restaurants and to visit each other and to enjoy each other's company, without hurting our planet and without hurting our Mother, Nature.
#LoadShedding #LockDown #OpenUp #WorkFromHome #Health
Read my book for more.