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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eat 1 KG less meat in the next year: Dramatically reduce our Cost of Living

Please go to MyPowerStation on Facebook and Like the page.

Then read what we can do on Info and then go to Discussions and read the discussions. Start with Food Security. Start by committing to eating 1KG less meat (beef, chicken, fish) in the next year. If 49 million people in South Africa eat 1 KG less beef (each) in the next year and eat vegetables or wheat instead, we will save 2,146 billion (2 trillion) litres of water, 367 million litres of petrol and diesel. We will need 213,043 fewer cows. We will start saving the rain-forests.

If we use the soya to feed people, we would feed 30 times more people because 1 hectare of soya feeds 60 people whereas 1 hectare of soya fed to cows and then fed to people only feeds 2 people.

There are some very simple African solutions to our problems. We don't need complex and expensive "Western, First World, medicine" for our problems. According to African tradition, meat was only be eaten on special occasions, eg births, circumcisions, marriages, birthdays, deaths.

As an African, born in South Africa, who left SA to go live in England as I didn't want to fight in the townships in 1987 and who voted in England in 1994 for a new South Africa, and who returned in 1995 to join in the building of this beautiful country, I salute you, and ask that we join together to build our land and reduce our cost of living.

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