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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rechargeable Batteries just added to mypowerstation.biz

We just added the Hahnel batteries and battery charger to our My Power Station store.

This press release added 3rd September 2010 and updated 10th September 2010. We didn't like the first Hahnel charger we found as it didn't show when the batteries were full. We have now find a more advanced Hahnel charger and have tested it and are happy with it.

David Lipschitz, Energy Expert at MyPowerStation, says that he chose these batteries and battery charger for the following reasons:

The charger uses the latest technology and includes a microchip for optimal charging and battery life. The charger charges AA (R6-Mignon) and AAA (Micro) batteries. You can find a product manual here.

The charger comes with a 240 Volt mains adapter and a 12 Volt car adapter.

Supplied with 4 High Power Rechargeable AA 1.25V 2500mAh (or higher) Ni-MH Batteries. If you buy our kit with the Efergy and batteries and battery charger, you get 8 AA batteries and 8 AAA batteries.

Charge time about 3 to 4 hours depending on battery type and capacity.

The batteries are made from Nickel Metal Hydride which is a reasonably clean technology for recycling and proper disposal.

Hahnel batteries are designed in Cork, Ireland.
Here is a quote from http://www.batteryuniversity.com/partone-20.htm: "Although nickel-metal-hydride is considered environmentally friendly, this chemistry is also being recycled. The main derivative is nickel, which is considered semi-toxic. nickel-metal-hydride also contains electrolyte that, in large amounts, is hazardous. If no disposal service is available in an area, individual nickel-metal-hydride batteries can be discarded with other household wastes. If ten or more batteries are accumulated, the user should consider disposing of these packs in a secure waste landfill."

Hahnel is an independent manufacturer of batteries, power adapters, chargers and accessories for cameras and notebooks. Hahnel’s products are designed for most major manufacturers and models and offer an affordable alternative to brand name products.

Hahnel was originally a German company, but is now based in Cork, Ireland. In 2008 the company celebrated fifty years of business.

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