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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Too much centralisation

Engineering News Reports:

"South Africa's electricity distribution sector urgently requires a centrally-funded asset recovery plan to deal with a serious maintenance and investment backlog that continues to grow yearly, an industry veteran appealed on Thursday.

"Willie de Beer, the former COO of the now defunct EDI Holdings, said the maintenance and refurbishment backlog had increased to R27,4-billion by 2008, owing to ongoing restructuring uncertainties, under-investment and a dearth of skills."

David Lipschitz's comment:

Centralisation is not the answer. It is the problem. A decentralised system where homeowners and small business are allowed to use Net Metering and Grid Tie to make and conserve energy is part of the answer. Further incentives can be given so that small RE providers (IPPs) put big battery banks in so that they aren't dependent on the grid during power failures and can be warned to disconnect from the grid and use their batteries in the event of an impending power failure (load shedding).

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