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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Become a power station and make fortunes. Retire young.

Eskom Tariff to Double by 2015. So what to do about it. Don't buy electricity from Eskom. Instead sell electricity to Eskom! We can make electricity on our roofs and sell it to Eskom.

Dear all. Instead of complaining, South Africa's favourite pastime, do something about it. Like NetMeteringSA and Mandelaton.

When we get to 1,000 likes we will start changing our world. When we get to 50,000 likes we will be Eskom's biggest customer! We will also be their biggest competitor.

And our prices NEVER, EVER, have to increase again.

It starts with us working together.
Still unsure. Watch: The Five Winners.

Please start by liking the two Facebook links as well as my video. It won't cost you anything to do this.

Ke nako (the time is right for the people to take responsibility for themselves and to NEVER have another electricity price hike).

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