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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Professional Speaking, Sharing, Energy Research, Coaching and Guidance

Need a Powerful, Electrifying and Energetic Speaker?

I think everyone knows I love learning and discussing, that I love meeting people, and that I love sharing.

Someone just asked me for some speaking topics.

Here is a list:

Happy to speak on:

  • "Learning to Sail": Jargon of the Energy Industry and the Energy Internet
  • Energy Motivation: Internal and External
  • My Power Station: what is it? Why is it the name of my company? where is your power station?
  • What information do business board level directors need to make energy decisions?
  • Net Metering
  • Feed In Tariffs
  • Homeowner Electricity
  • Homeowner Power Stations
  • The Road to a Private Utility in South Africa
  • Community (Virtual) Power Stations
  • Can private homeowners and SMME's solve South Africa's and Southern Africa's electricity crisis? If yes, how and why?
  • Energy: The complete picture
  • Why do we need electricity, anyway?
  • Sustainable Information Technology
  • Government Policy and Regulation and how it has effected the electricity industry
  • A history of electricity in South Africa
  • Do or Did Nuclear and Fracking have a role in our future?
  • etc

I can speak for 15 minutes or 3 days. You decide how long you need. You decide what format it should be; it can be a lecture or a discussion; I don't use that many PowerPoint slides anymore, but prefer to use "scrolls" (A2 posters).

I have spoken to school kids, junior and high school. I have spoken to university students, religious organisations, NGOs and NPOs (e.g. Rotary), on the radio, in movies, been interviewed by all sorts of people, spoken to parliament a number of times, spoken to Political Caucuses and Parliamentary and Government Leaders, and spoken at conferences on all sorts of topics, in Cape Town, Durban and Joburg. I have chaired conferences and I have provided input for what topics conferences should contain. And I have even had an essay I wrote appear in the conference program of a USA conference when I was there in 2009. And I have spoken on behalf of the South African Alternative Energy Association and written comments on Energy Documents on their behalf a number of times. So much so that they gave me a special award.

I can speak to Activists and I can speak to business Boards of Directors and I have had private meetings with CEO's of many companies who just want to have a talk with someone informed about electricity and its future.

People, who want to understand the energy and electricity picture, call me and ask me to explain to them how it works and where it fits in, usually specifically to their circumstances and what they need to know.

If you need me to talk to you, your friends, your NGO or your company, please give me a call.

S&T (Sharing and Trust),

PS: My mission is to catalyse Sharing and Trust amongst the people I come into contact this year. I believe this is the vital ingredient that is missing in South Africa. The next missing ingredient is electricity. But without sharing and trust, we won't have cheap, abundant and sustainable electricity.

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