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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Power and Jobs

Dear all

Letter in 23rd October 2014 Cape Times.


Dear Editor

​There is much talk of the Russians having been awarded a nuclear contract.

As long as the Russians build 
​power stations
 with 100
​ percent
 of their own labour and 100
​ percent​
 of their own materials
 and as long as they sell the electricity at 30c
kWh, which is what they've said it will cost
​ -​
 and as long as the Russians insure South Africans for any type of nuclear risks, and as long as the power stations are delivered on time
​ -​
 then I guess its ok.

Note that we have localisation at the Medupi 
​power station
, which is over 
 years behind schedule and 60
​ percent​
 over budget.

​The c
urrent cost around R130 billion
​, and
 8,000 locals have jobs building the power station, over 
. BUT if the station was up and running at close to full capacity as it would be by now, up to 2
5 million more South Africans would have jobs!

South Africans are fixated on the number of jobs in infrastructure construction, but have forgotten about the millions who depend on jobs because of that construction.

Yours faithfully,
David Lipschitz

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