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Monday, August 3, 2015

Should local people build South Africa's new power stations?

  • Jackie on Facebook:

    We should be spending money on training, training, training, so that our own people can do the labour involved in building the infrastructure. If we did that and let them have internships at existing powers stations, etc. they would be ready to do the work themselves. Lure some of our brain drain South Africans back to the country to teach and mentor these trainees and to put proper, affordable and sustainable projects into place to rebuild the country to required levels. Don't have to be a brain surgeon to work out the medium term and more importantly, long term, benefits of this route. How's that Zuma, now can I have a job please!
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  • David Lipschitz 
    My answer:

    Hi Jackie. I disagree. What you are describing is already happening out our new power stations and is part of the reason for the incredibly poor quality. New people welding big boilers for the first time at a power station which is 5 years behind schedule.

    When you buy a car, you don't need to know how to build it. You need to know how to drive it and if you aren't a mechanic, then you need a mechanic to fix it. You also need the entire supply chain, ie oil, water, petrol, diesel, support, roads, etc.

    We desperately need our new power stations for the 2 million peoples' lives that depend on them. 25,000 people spending their entire lives building 2 power stations is great, but what of the other 1,975,000 people who are unemployed because of them?

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