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Friday, December 18, 2015

2016: When eveyone finally owns the means of production

2016 is upon us.

2016 is the time when everyone finally starts owning the means of production. The biggest mine in the world. The sun. The sun, which creates solar energy and wind energy and everything.

2016 is the time of phones that don't connect to anything and which can be powered by the sun, smart phones (computers in our hands), Twitter, Facebook, Google, TweetDeck, LinkedIn, about.me,  free wireless internet all over the place, fast and cheap ADSL, working from anywhere, the iPad, Skype, communications for free with anyone anywhere in the world, and who knows maybe in the multi-verse.

2016 is the time of scaleability, where homeowners and roof top owners will start owning the electricity grid in 2016. We will install systems that interact with the grid, and we will grow these systems without fraud and without corruption and the systems will be delivered in the time we say they'll be delivered.

For the first time in history, the people will really own the source of production, electricity. And when this is cheap enough, we'll use our excess electricity to take water out of the air and out of the sea, and when we can do that, we'll grow our own crops, and when we can do that, we'll make our own clothes, and when we can do that, we do what we want to do every day. If that means just tending our gardens, that's fine. If it means trading with people in our "flat world" on the other side of the world, from the comfort of our homes, so be it.

In 2016, the super-fast (communication), super-cheap, age is upon us. Communication centres will open. Satellite offices will become the norm, where people who can't work from home for whatever reason, will commute short distances to satellite offices, which will be integrated with fibre-optic connections to their main offices. These satellite offices will have video conferencing, board rooms, snooze rooms, coffee bars, pause areas, gyms, and they will be fun, just like Google and other offices are fun places to be and to spend our time.

In 2016, we will realise that time is our most valuable asset, and we will stop wasting it. If we are going to spend it we should do it wisely. Not sitting in carbon-monoxide fume traffic for hours on end, or paying e-tolls so that some overseas investors can get rich.

The time for mass exploitation is at an end.

In 2016, people will take ownership for themselves and the start of the end of mass apathy will be over. Our societies will be freer, with less crime, more jobs, more happy people, more localisation, and more fun. And a lot more local taxation, because of more employment, and more local businesses starting up, so that government can pay for all the things that we need, like communications, and an easy place to do business, so that we can enjoy our lives more. And this without borrowing and having to pay off international debts for 40 years.

The sleeping population of South Africa is slowly waking up. And when we wake up, and when we become conscious to our incredible, abundant planet, and our incredible, abundant energies.

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