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Monday, September 26, 2016

My Power Station

I've been on a life changing journey this life, discovering what I do all the time, wherever I am, and in all the situations where I am called to speak, or to help, or to consult.

And actually I haven't changed! I am who I am and my story is one of deep research and development and making my life and the lives of those around me more comfortable, so that we can all enjoy our abundant planet together.

My name is David Lipschitz.

My intuition has always moved people out of their Comfort Zones, knowing that we all need to move to "where the magic happens".

But as soon as people leave their Comfort Zones, they feel unwell or unhappy or confused, and then my Ego moved them back into their Comfort Zones.

What emerged for me this year is the learning needed to Scaffold someone through that Little Gap, which I have termed "The Valley of the Shadow of Death", or the place where we Overcome our Fears. The Psalmist (Psalm 23) says "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil". We need God to help us, and we need our friends and special people called Guides to help us cross this valley.

I qualified as an Alchemist this year. A special person who knows how to Scaffold someone as they cross this valley to Emerge who they are. It is a purely scientific process, and I use the words and body language that people use and display to see the Signposts that help Guide someone to their untapped potential.

My life methodology, also known as my life purpose, and the reason I am here, is My Power Station.

It is called The My Power Station Methodology and its purpose is to Emerge (Reveal over and over again) a new Retirement Paradigm and a way of overcoming Anxiety.

The methods in my methodology are:
Anxiety, Insurance (External), Insurance (Internal), No Cost of Living, Social Capital, Trust, The Castle.

Each level of my methodology is separate from and interdependent with all the other levels. They work separately and together. They make me who I am. They tell my story.

There are two views of the model, one with Chakras and one without Chakras. Here they are:

People consult with me on software development, relational databases, database optimisation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, life problems, and I help Guide them to see where they are and where they are going.

I have done talks on all these parts of who I am, helping people to see who they are, by reflecting who I am. I am an accomplished Conference Speaker and have been speaking at Conferences since 2008.

If you would like a presentation, I can offer the following: six and 15 minute "TED" talks; 40 minutes; you choose the time.

My story inspires people to continue on their own journeys. I also do two or three hour consulting sessions with my clients helping them on their paths and helping them see the miracles in their lives.

Let's talk.

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