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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Solving our water crisis

It's time to march!!

Our problem is that we aren't like the Americans or Germans or Israelis. These are the world's strongest democracies, hence why so many outsides hate them so much!

Reason: when the people don't like something they get together: they march; they lobby. After Fukushima, 100,000 Germans marched against Nuclear Power. And this invigorated their leaders to phase out nuclear by 2023 and their scientists and engineers and transport planners and so many others to find ways to solve the problems that ensue because of this decision.

But since 1994 and the end of the Defiance Campaign, South Africans of all cultures have forgotten what got us to our new (promised) land (where the wells are bitter - actually the wells aren't bitter, but just like the Israelites, the people are bitter, fighting with each other rather than working with each other).

We need this defiance campaign back, but not to destroy and not to hate, but rather for brothers and sisters to work together and "love" each other, just like we did in the Apartheid years where we ignored the "rules", sat upstairs on busses (us African whites) and taught in townships whilst we were at university, when we could have been having fun on the beaches.

What I'm saying and I've said it many times is that we don't trust each other and because we don't trust each other we don't work together and because we don't work together, our leaders work against us rather than with us.

Lets work together. Please. For the betterment of us all.

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