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Friday, October 12, 2018

Integrated Resource Plan 2018

Dear fellow South Africans

re the IRP2018

Nothing has changed since my submissions in 2010. South Africa remains massively short of domestic electricity, water and food.

From an electricity point of view, we still have 40 GW like 20 years ago, but we should have 160 GW. Worldwide growth in electricity, even with Energy Efficiency is 3.6% per annum. That means electricity use should have doubled from 40 GW to 80 in that time, but the population has doubled, so we should be at at least 160 GW.

By our government allowing massive privately funded electricity and water and food growth, in cities, their and our fiscus and tax growth will be accordingly far faster than now. But our government sees constraint and "enclosure" as their means to an end, and so they strangle the economy. Do you feel out of breath? Now you know why!

And see the energy cliff in the 2020's in Slide 15 at https://www.slideshare.net/nazimtiger/power-station-workshop . And you will see the disaster that South Africa is facing.

From a water point of view, in many parts of the country we are making do with 50 litres per person per day, but we should have at least 250 litres per person per day, (including the allowance for industry), to really grow the economy. And we are getting poorer and poorer from a food production and food quality point of view all the time.

Here are my comments from last time. I really don't see the point of commenting again. Government uses my time and resources, free of charge. I don't get thanked, even though I am a very active citizen.



And my comments on the NDP also help to inform where we are at.


All this research funded my my company.

David Lipschitz
BSc BSc (Honours) MBA M.Inst.D.
Organising Data, Programming and Bringing Healing

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