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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

#OpenUp and #WorkFromHome

 Load Shedding in South Africa coincides with Lock Down Level 2!

The Authorities (and building owners) want us to go back to work. But we have proved that we can do our work from home and in fact we can do it much better and more efficiently than before, with less stress and an ability to work anytime on urgent projects, and our clients typically get more hours from us when we work from home.

So buy a generator or simply buy a UPS that allows your computer or laptop and network to keep running so that you can keep working from home, load shedding or not. Just think how much money you save by only needing one car in your family or by not needing to travel to work each day. Transport costs can be a huge part of one's budget, never mind all the sicknesses that one gets by working in office buildings.

Covid19 came to teach all office workers to work from home. To get all conferences to happen from home. To get schooling to happen from home. To dramatically reduce business travel.

By continuing to do these things we continue make nature beautiful again. And Open up will allow us to go to restaurants and to visit each other and to enjoy each other's company, without hurting our planet and without hurting our Mother, Nature.
#LoadShedding #LockDown #OpenUp #WorkFromHome #Health
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