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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Peter Carruthers on Entrepreneurship

This is exactly how I feel on a daily basis, and how I know so many of my entrepreneur friends also feel and act.

"Every couple of days I sit down at the local version of Starbucks. I pull out my black notepad and fountain pen and try to interpret this small-business world you and I inhabit. I am struck, as I always am, by the infinitely rich range of stories behind each of the men and women like you who invest their lives forging their own way through the world. Each of us appears, from the outside, just like any other person, facing the same challenges with weight and health and parenthood. Each of us is so much more; An effervescence of insatiable dreams and pent-up fears that relentlessly drive our hours.

"Not one of us is simple. Most of us are trying to make sense of a world that has defined us in one way but yet seems constantly changing, just beyond our reach.

"Every night we go to bed and those fears loom large until morning when the sun seems to melt them away. And each morning we chase those dreams until evening, mostly without despair.

"If we are lucky we catch glimpses of success, cresting a wave before being dumped, but we hop right back on the board and we start paddling out again, hoping for another sighting, knowing that maybe, just maybe, today is that day.

"Every one of us is so much deeper, so much more complex than the seemingly calm person we are talking to right now. That's not a prospect sitting there. That is a miracle sitting there.

"Treat her with the respect she deserves for making it this far, and then - only if you can add value to her life - show her how to make that next step easier. Otherwise enjoy the coffee and the time together. Life is too short to do otherwise."

More about Peter Carruthers and Business Warriors here.

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