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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

1st April 2015: Announcement from President Jacob Zuma

"Realising that sustainable GDP growth is paramount and that taxation revenues can far exceed electricity revenues, President Jacob Zuma endorses Eskom and the Department of Energy's proposal to allow Embedded Generation using Net Metering and Time of Use Tariffs for Homeowners, without a service fee and with the same buy and sell electricity prices. Furthermore, homeowners will be treated like business owners and will be able to buy their systems before VAT and before Tax, thus levelling the playing fields with IPP's (Independent Power Producers).

"Homeowners who commit to not using the grid at peak times, ie between 7 and 10am and 6 and 8pm, will furthermore receive a 30% tax rebate on their installation costs for the battery components of the system.

"In order to ensure that the poor do not lose out, Eskom commits to not building 'Coal 3' and to use this R125 billion to give the same resources to 2.5 million households."

Yes, its April Fools, but wouldn't this headline be amazing if it were true!

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