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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Imagine - no load shedding

The latest news is that Medupi Coal Power Station will only be completed in 2021 instead of 2019, which is already instead of 2018, 2017, and 2016. This means that the time from now till completion is almost as long as the entire build process was meant to take in the first place.

And this means that we can expect Load Shedding to continue at least until 2021. But worse than this, is that at the beginning of the 2020's, 10 GW of existing Eskom capacity reaches end of life, which means that just as Medupi and Kusile are completed, 10 GW of existing capacity will be switched off, and so 10 GW - 10 GW equals zero GW, so load shedding will continue for at least another decade.

Rewind to August 20th, 2010: This is what I wrote on my BLOG at: http://mypowerstation-sa.blogspot.com/2010/08/does-anyone-know-what-r100-billion-is.html

"We are continuously told by government that there's no money, but if we think differently we will suddenly find we have ample money.

"The South African government spent R7 billion on consultants last year to mainly write reports which are never going to be used or implemented. The R7 billion could have bought 700,000 R10,000 Solar Water Heaters. The R7 billion could have paid proper teachers (http://mg.co.za/article/2010-08-18-strike-on-as-unions-reject-govt-wage-offer) salaries.

"One way to find the money is to use the R100 billion for the Medupi power station in a different way. Stop the Medupi new power station development, pay the fines, and use the remaining R70 billion (my guess) for R30 billion of Solar Water Heaters (20GW of energy instead of 5GW of energy), R7 Billion for the teachers, and "change" for: feed in tariffs; zero VAT on renewable energy products; 30% rebates on all solar water and renewable energy installations; tax credits; R10 billion for training and skills transfer from Germany, Spain, USA, Australia, etc."

Now it is 22nd April 2015:

The R100 billion is now R125 billion with no end in sight.

Imagine how many poor peoples' houses could be power stations by now.

Imagine how many rich peoples houses could be power stations by now.

Imagine how many strikes would have been avoided.

Imagine how many more people would have been employed.

Imagine how strong South Africa's exchange rate would be.

Imagine how low our Inflation Rate would be.

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