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Saturday, October 24, 2015

MIT: (a) Milnerton (Mandelaton) Intuitive Thinker

“David is strongly principled and effectively analytic. He approaches each project with the objective of getting the job done and adding value.

“David has worked on both Information Technology as well as Energy related projects to my complete satisfaction.”

Barry Coltham, Client Service Director at Achievement Awards Group

“David is along-standing friend and a creative thinker who doesn’t even see the box, never mind think outside of it. He is no crackpot, but an educated free thinker with several degrees.

“He is passionate about green technology.”

Dr Joy McCarthy, Senior Research Scientist, UCT, and City of Cape Town Councillor

David Lipschitz, a computer scientist and energy analyst with a UCT and Rhodes BSc Honours degree and a Cranfield MBA, has been running a Software Development business since 1994 and an Energy business since 2008.

David motivates people to change the way they think about their environment and shows people that it is possible to live a sustainable lifestyle with minimal impact on the earth.

Book David to help you change the way your organisation thinks: www.vcita.com/v/davidlipschitz/

☝B.Sc Honours; MBA; M.Inst.D; Associate Member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa. Fellow of the South African Alternative Energy Association.

☂ We each have our own power stations! Are we using them effectively & efficiently?

Why I was born / my archetypes: Intuitive thinker, programmer, courier and bridge.
☞ "Intuitive Thinker": NT. ENTJ. http://www.thoughtfuled.com/assess_identify.php
☞ "Programmer"​
  ☞ Financial & Accounting Software using Delphi & Oracle.
  ☞ Incentive & Loyalty Software Development & Innovation at Achievement Awards Group ◉.
  ☞ Changing the way organisations think.
  ☞ Embedded Generation & Embedded Storage Expert.
☞ "Courier"​: Not scared of delivering messages people need to hear.
☞ "Bridge": Showing you how to get from here to there.

Other interesting skills: mentoring, inventing jobs.

Schedule Time With Me: www.vcita.com/v/davidlipschitz/

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