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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Social Capital in an African Energy System


On Thursday 22nd, I am talking on "Social capital in an African renewable energy system" at the Sub Saharan Power Summit

Good timing due to the university student strikes going on at the moment.

I will be presenting an alternative paradigm where Africa can use its matric students and inherent African knowledge to solve its problems. We don't have enough university students in Africa to follow the European and rest of the world's economic paradigm.

How can we solve this problem?

You might also like to read: 2 billion jobs to disappear by 2030

What I am presenting discusses how we can solve this particular problem.

I don't expect success overnight as I have been discussing this in one form or another since 2009 and my wife and I have been practicing this concept since 1999 when I cancelled all my pension policies, and we decided to look after our own pension and our own interests, which paradoxically require us to work with quite a few other people.

Note my saying: "The rich are rich because they socialise. The poor socialists are poor because they don't socialise." What I'm saying is that the rich talk and share and work together, hence the main reason they are rich. All us poor and middle class people try to do everything ourselves, and we fail, generally.

See my RepairYourWorld BLOG for essays I have written since 2008. Search this page for "retire". Note one of the questions I ask: "Why does there need to be a cost of living?"

Perhaps this is scary for the big monopolies who want us to channel all our money via them. But if 2 billion jobs will disappear in the next 20 years, then the monopolies are out of date and we need a new (old) paradigm.

Thanks for all your ongoing support as I continue down this lonely path.

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