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Friday, January 12, 2018

A Citizen Led State of Emergency should immediately be declared in the Western Cape

I would like to declare "A Citizen Led State of Emergency" Immediately in Cape Town. Before the government declare the State of Emergency and take away all our rights. When the Egyptians ran out of water back in Joseph's time, they sold their land to the Pharaoh (King). Then they sold all their possessions. Then they sold themselves and became slaves. Citizens in the Western Cape must do everything they can to prevent themselves becoming slaves. We must remain the free people that Nelson Mandela and others dreamed of.

As soon as the Western Cape goes "Water Critical" Cape Town will have a "Nuclear Disaster", or a disaster similar to a nuclear meltdown in Cape Town. The Nuclear Disaster plan for Cape Town should immediately be activated. Disaster personnel from South Africa, and other countries with disaster capacity, like Israel, must immediately be activated to come and install desalination plants along the Seashore every 500 meters so that people can get water.

Just like people steal electricity, people will steal water and the water won't reach the 200 water stations. And the 200 water stations, if they ever become operational, will never operate. There will be anarchy as people at the front of the long line, who have queued for 10 hours get their 25 litre ration and start the arduous process of dragging it home or to their cars. People outside the gate will steal this water at gunpoint and then sell water back to people at R1000 per litre. And if you have ever carted a 20 kg bag around a station or airport, you know how difficult that is. Try a 25 kg round container.

This past week there was anarchy at Muizenberg station in Cape Town as commuters exited the train on one of our hottest days of the year. All the taps at the station and along the beach have been sealed. No one could get water. Fights broke out. People got hurt. A minor incident, but indicative of what will happen in an existential water crisis. Not only this, but as soon as the announcement happens that we have one month of supply, everyone will immediately fill all their water tanks, swimming pools, baths, buckets, etc, and we will run out of water in a week.

And then the party, eh, I mean war will start. Hence why the cabinet is organising State of Emergency Regulations. There will be no way for the City to collect rates, electricity, water levies, in a war zone, hence why people will start filling every place they have that will store water. They will never pay for it.

To solve the problem?

1) Immediately move all the unemployed people who are receiving grants back to their homelands. Keep paying them grants. Give them access to electricity and the internet, an easy thing to do with renewable energy and batteries and satellite communications. Want to know where they come from? See where they go on their summer holidays. They can still run their washing machines and they can connect to the internet and wi-fi and watch TV. And many of them have small holdings with rain tanks and food gardens. A tranquil lifestyle!

2) Any retirees living in shared accommodation should also be asked to move to their holiday houses and also asked to take in their friends as soon as possible. Anyone with a holiday home anywhere in South Africa in a water rich zone, should be asked to open their houses at a nominal fee so that people can move from Cape Town to these houses. This will be similar to the Second World War where the British Government asked people to move out of the Cities into the Countryside.

3) Any school children who are in hostels should immediately be relocated to other schools in South Africa outside the water scarce zone.

4) All desalination contracts to be signed with people who can pump 100 million litres of water per day into the Lower Steenbras Dam within 90 days of today. From there the water can be pumped into the City's water system. This includes the Israelis and Grahamtek, South Africa's very own Desalination Experts.

Even if the dams were full, the Western Cape would still be short of water.

You see, we are currently allowed to use 87 litres of water per person and we use 600 million litres of water per day. Before the crisis, we used 1.2 billion litres of water, so we have halved our consumption. And a well run city uses 400 litres of water per person per day, so even before the current drought, Western Capers were using 37.5% of the water allowance of a well run city. Hence why even two to three years ago, Cape Town was already in a dangerous drought. Retail Wheeling can be implemented to allow people to buy water from people who can supply water and the City can be paid for the customer and supplier to use their water network.

5) All cruise ships and other shipping that does not have to use Cape Town harbour must be directed to Durban and other ports. The same with Cape Town International Airport. All maintenance personnel must be moved to other airports, except emergency personal who should remain on hand.

6) The empty oil containers at Caltex Refinery must be cleaned and must be capable of storing clean potable water. Unused water from desalination that is created daily must be pumped into these containers.

7) All hotels must be told that they can only have 50% occupancy or less as from 1st March 2018.

8) All vegan food to immediately be tax free. Meat to have a 100% duty put on it. All Western Cape livestock to be moved to other provinces. An additional R5 billion government incentive to be created to ensure that this happens as quickly as possible. All neighbourhood gardeners to be incentivised to create food gardens wherever they can.

9) All water and other infrastructure done by private people to immediately be before tax and before VAT. This to be backdated to 1st January 2015. All businesses installing water and electricity infrastructure to immediately be given 200% tax allowances in the first month. ie, Pay R1 million for a system. Get R2 million tax credit immediately the system is commissioned.

10) All aquifer water to be thoroughly tested for all hormone, medical waste, and radiation pollution. Aquifers sound like a great source of water, but there is hormone infiltration (from meat production, etc), and there are nuclear radiation leaks from Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, for example Tritium in the water. No one knows how far away from Koeberg this problem extends.

We will survive this crisis.

We cannot rely on our government to do it for us anymore. We are resilient. We beat Apartheid. We will beat the current problem, the drought in our minds.

20 18 is the year that has Chai in it. Each letter in Hebrew has a numerical equivalent, which sometimes make words. 18 is Chai. Chai means life. 2 Life. 2018. To Life. God has given us a unique opportunity to work with God to save ourselves, if only we choose life, and health, and peace and healing. Choose life.

And remember some quotations: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead.

"Why are there grades in schools? Because there aren't any standards anymore." David Lipschitz

"Warnings from our ancient teachings: “Genesis 1, 28 says that we should ‘go forth and multiply, and replenish the earth.’ We cannot simply take and take, but must consider how we can put back. We are also told that the ‘sins of the fathers will be on the children to the forth generation’ (Deuteronomy 5, 9). Four generations are about 100 years. This sentence means that we should consider 100 years time in all our decision making." David Lipschitz

“No exceptional brain power is needed to construct a new science or to expand on an existing one. What is needed is just the courage to face inconsistencies and to avoid running away from them just because 'that's the way it was always done.'” Eliyahu M. Goldratt in The Goal, first published in 1984.

“He who does not believe in miracles is not a realist.” Anton Rupert's Personal Motto

“I believe that the time to go into a new business is when the genre is abysmally run by other people, and when I feel that Virgin can provide a significantly better customer experience.” Sir Richard Branson in Screw It, Let's Do It Again, 2007

“Small is Beautiful.” Ernst Fritz Schumacher

“The mythology of the fossil energy industry rests on well-worn experience and habits of thought. The inhabitants of the industrialised countries have had a century to grow accustomed to living in the centralized structures of the fossil energy system. … The Problem with centralization is that is has become an ideological conviction and was consequently applied to situations where it was actually counterproductive. … Putting energy generation in the hands of the people, would have no appreciable negative effects. Individual freedom and collective social responsibility for the future are not mutually exclusive, but rather go hand in hand. … People like the fossil fuel system, because it offers free home delivery. We must get rid of our fear of the small scale.” We have already taken ownership of a number of “small scale items”, eg cars, computers, phones, travel, shopping, etc." Dr Hermann Scheer, in The Solar Economy, first published in 1999! Dr Scheer introduced Feed In Tariffs into Germany in 1991. This has reduced PV prices by over 90% and made producing electricity affordable for the masses.

And this decentralisation mentality can be applied to water. And food. And transport.

2018 is finally the year of "the people". Many people who have dreamed that "a people" will have freedom, will finaly be vindicated. They will be proved right. By a bunch of people at the foot of Africa.

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