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Monday, January 1, 2018

Cape Town Water Crisis: How to cover our dams

A new year, a new idea :

Imagine if we could cover all our dams?

So we can!!

We can put systems in our pools to make our pool water drinkable.

We can cover our pools. Our water bill dropped by more than half when we installed our pool cover in 2015. "Power Plastics pool covers reduce evaporation by more than 98%". From their website. I don't work for them.

And this can even be done at Newlands Swimming Pool and our other Municipal Pools.

1) If you have a pool cover, AND
2) If you invest in a system that makes your pool water drinkable, AND
3) If you sign an agreement with the City to allow them to take out whatever you put in from 1st January 2018 onwards ...

Then: You can fill your pool using potable water. And you can install your swimming pool water management systems before tax and before VAT.

If we fill our pools and keep them covered and clean, we can reduce our dam evaporation by 98%. Using Embedded Water.

Happy 20 18. Let's think differently.

PS: I'm sure there are people on this group who know:
1) how many pools there are in Cape Town.
2) how many litres of water there are in these pools.
3) what the evaporation is from the dams.
4) how much water can be saved, and what this system will cost.

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