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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Is the Western Cape's Water Crisis over?

The DA says that "Day Zero" has been pushed to 2019 (https://www.thesouthafrican.com/day-zero-pushed-back-cape-town/) and citizens think that the drought is over, and people believe them and stop buying water tanks, and water consumption has gone UP? And we are distracted by buildings and highways and De Lille's court case, and land invasions, but the drought remains.
IS THE DROUGHT OVER? Or are we so out of touch with reality that we will believe anything our politicians tell us?
Is there more water? NO.
It is raining? NO.
The dams are fuller? NO.
Desalination plants have come online? NO.
We are getting all the water we need from the aquifer? NO.
We can use more than 50 litres a day of water? NO.
Farmers are being given their proper allowances of water, so that we don't run out of food? NO.
Water prices have decreased? NO.
Level 6b restrictions have gone back to level 6a? NO.
The government has declared an "all clear"? NO.
The DA says everything is ok and we won't run out of water in 2018. YES.
So everything is now ok?
I am lost. Please can someone explain what is going on?

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