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Sunday, March 4, 2018

YouCaring Fund Raiser for Saving Cape Town from its Water Crisis and taking it into an Age of Abundance

To my dear friends

So I'm starting my fundraiser using YouCaring.

My team and I need funds for two reasons:-

1) To continue our Research and Development (R&D) looking for inexpensive ways to clean groundwater for communities.

2) To support our Constitutional Court Action, ordering the South African government to do its job and carry out its responsibilities as a result of the rights in the South African Constitution and the government's mandate in terms of the Water Act of 1998, which nationalised water resources and made it government's responsibility to provide water, nationally.

The Western Cape and possibly much wider afield, faces an Existential Threat, if we get to Day Zero and run out of water (from the dams). An Existential (existence) Threat occurs when four million people suddenly find themselves without water, and start a civil war as they fight each other for water resources.

There are many alternatives. We cannot allow the Tavern of the Seas to run out of water.

I believe that this is a test, and if we get through it we will be at the Age of Abundance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Web 3.0 and the IOT, Internet of Things.

Your money will be used wisely.

I am a Trust Generator, a Buddhist, a Bodhisattva, a Kabbalist, and an Alchemist. I will not steal your money. I will ensure that it is used properly and that there is no possibility of Corruption, of your money, or of my mind.

I look forward to sharing energies with you as we move forward to solve this problem and enter what I call Level 2, the Age of Abundance.

Yours faithfully,

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