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Monday, September 9, 2013

Eskom and the City of Cape Town are preventing economic growth. 2012-07-16

Eskom and the Cities have asked people to reduce their electricity consumption. One way of doing this is by allowing private people to produce their own electricity and also by incentivising us to move our consumption outside peak time.

These incentives are available to big business, but not to private people.

Eskom and the Cities are still preventing people from producing their own electricity and feeding the grid. Eskom and the Cities are so fixated on earning revenue from electricity sales that they have forgotten that electricity is an enabler that gets the economy going.

Allowing private people and SMME's to remove themselves from the grid by implementing the Embedded Generation standard which allows for Time of Use Tariffs for small consumers would not only mean that private Embedded Generators would produce their own energy, but they would also put systems in place so that they use minimal energy at peak times.

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