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Monday, September 9, 2013

Specialised Idiots! 2012-06-01

‎"Specialised Idiots": Analysing Germany's 22GW record, representing 14% of supply out of potential 140% of supply from roof top PV alone! No need for Fracking. Let's keep our Karoo as THE KAROO, not "THE FRACKED UP PLACE."

"The first major development is the fact that the renewable energy system beats the conventional energy system in terms of prices already. This is not that obvious to many people because the common benchmarks used in the media are biased against renewable energy sources. This bias is usually showcased by so-called 'energy analysts / experts' on TV, in articles, and in books. Their typical approach is to single out one renewable energy technology, put it into the power plant position of the conventional centralized energy system, and come to the conclusion that it’s not economical (for the power plant operator) to use renewables.

"So-called experts using this kind of faulty benchmark can have only two reasons:

"The 'experts' are actually what people call 'Fachidioten' in German, SPECIALIZED IDOTS. Highly knowledgable people who fail to understand reality because they view the world through a prism of outdated paradigms. (Best case.)

"The 'experts' have direct or indirect ties with the conventional energy industry, in which case they use their reputation to spread anti-renewable disinformation. (Worst case.)

"Either way, these so-called 'experts' disqualify themselves by failing to judge fundamentally different systems with the fitting benchmarks.
For everyone remotely familiar with renewable energy systems and without links to the conventional energy industry, it is quite obvious that such benchmarks are bullshit. Renewable energy systems operate in a decentralized fashion, close to consumers / communities. They gain efficiency by combining several technologies to reach 100% supply and by utilizing synergy effects like providing energy in forms of power and heat at the same time, locally.

"The obvious truth is that local wind power, biomass, and even solar energy can deliver energy to the citizens and industries of region cheaper than what the power grid delivers by burning lignite or uranium in a multi-GW power station hundreds of miles away. Today, even electricity from rooftop PV solar systems can beat the conventional energy system when looking at a conservatively realistic 15-20 year cost calculation, here in cloudy Germany."

Source: Clean Technica (http://s.tt/1d6fP

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