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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Go back to school. David Lipschitz Letter to the Cape Times published Fri, 12 Aug 2016

MANY people ask me how it is that I manage to do so much and to write on so many topics, having investigated them in so much depth.

I think that the main reason I am able to do this is because I am still at school.

At school one learns to study multiple subjects at the same time and within those subjects, one studies multiple topics. And one often has extra mural activities, extra lessons, sports and hobbies, and also homework and "chores" all happening at the same time.

I believe that school gives one a user manual, or operating manual, for our brains. I believe that every one of us is born with the same brain power.

But circumstances and schooling and tribal customs (we are all part of various "tribes", for example, our school, or home, or religion, or club) give each of us the differences so essential for a life of unity in diversity.

So everyone: it's time to go back to school, to utilise the immense latent power in our brains. For good. And for healing.

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