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Monday, August 22, 2016

The law of averages and being calm in traffic. Gamification in my life.

Luckily I don't sit in traffic very often. I either leave home very early or I leave after the traffic has ended.

When I do sit in traffic, I like to travel at the average speed of the traffic.

So one morning, at about 6.45 am, I got onto the N1 at Koeberg Road intersection and went 56.7 km/h, which my car computer told me was the average speed of the traffic. For those without built in car computers, I use a US 99 cent program called Dashometer which runs on my Smart Phone.

At one point there was a gap of about 200 metres open in front of me. I was in the middle lane and I could see upset people overtaking and undertaking me. And then I could see their break-lights and I wondered why people do this?

I like to play a little game. I like to see if once I get onto the highway, can I get to town without touching my brake?

Most of my friends play computer games. I don't play computer games. I prefer "gamification", i.e. real life games and I have been "playing" these "games" for decades.

These games are better for my stress levels and a lot cheaper than all the equipment and software one needs for computer games, and I use less petrol, and I am much less stressed than other people when I get to my destination.

Please can people tell me why they don't just travel at the average speed of the traffic?

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