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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


David Lipschitz - also known as Admiral Isaac II, a Raccoon - is an alchemist who guides guidées to emerge their incipient value.

My guiding work is done in the form of a value exchange. You have some value to give me. I have some value to give you. The exchange happens at the same time, i.e. during our time together.

Sessions are usually one hour although sometimes they can be longer.

I usually only need to meet people for between one and four hours to "complete" the (first stage of the) process, i.e. to help people get to an understanding of who they are and introduce them to their soul journey.

Sometimes people want to bounce ideas off me and get an opinion on a renewable energy project or ICT project or any other facet of their life where they are perhaps at a turning point. I am able to guide people, groups, teams, companies, and organisations on their journeys, as and when they need my guidance.

And sometimes I am asked to do keynote speeches at conferences and my preferred topic is "Who are you and what is your value?" This talk is 15 minutes and is done in the form of viewing my life through the chakras.

And sometimes people request me to be a Shadchan, a matchmaker. I don't do "arranged marriages" in the normal sense of the word "arranged". I help people understand who they are looking for.

This alchemy is a scientific method, although my clients often think that I am psychic.

As payment, I accept all sorts of energy, for example, memberships, freedoms, stays in guest houses and hotels, hand-made clothing made by you, donations, transport, food, vegetables, and all kinds of swaps.

Any expenses I incur are paid by the guidée.

Sometimes people want to pay me and in this case, I will accept a project based fee for my work.

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