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Sunday, February 8, 2015

A summary of some of David Lipschitz thoughts and ideas over the years

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We have already saved more than 50% of our electricity needs by being energy efficient, some free and some paid for, but all these things mean we don't need electricity.
We make 25% of our remaining electricity.
Next steps: Become more electricity independent. Continue water independence. Start sewerage independence.

My next port of call from a research point of view is finding out about getting a septic tank and French Drain like my late grandmother used to have in her house in Bantry Bay in the 1950's. She removed it when council said they could do the job for her cheaply and so she didn't need to worry about it. She was also self-sufficient in water collection at the time, but the council said they could supply water cheaply and it would always be available.

How times have changed!

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