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Friday, February 13, 2015


I installed my initial system in 2008, when we had the original crisis. I was a bit early, but it was a choice I made.

Here is what is happening now.

A email reply from one of my suppliers:

Dear Customer

Your email has been received.

Because of the unprecedented demand created by Eskom’s Power cuts, we are experiencing extreme volumes of enquiries and apologise if there are delays in responding your emails and telephone calls.

We are working overtime every day, including weekends, to ensure we answer everyone as quickly as possible but request your patience. There can be up to a 5 day delay due to the high volumes.

We have 16 incoming telephone lines but with the extreme number of calls coming in it is not possible to answer all calls. Please be patient.

We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time for everybody.

Yours truly,
RE Supplier


Note from David Lipschitz:

Our problem is not technological or financial. It is a choice. I choose to make my own electricity, or most of it so far. I choose to drive an old car and my wife to drive an old car.

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