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Friday, February 13, 2015

Rain and Solar-Electric PV Photovoltaic Systems

What if it rains and I've got a photovoltaic (PV) (solar electric) system?

A question I get all the time!!!

Well it's raining now and my 1 KW PV system is generating 190 Watts. It's a thin film system so it will be interesting to see how crystalline systems are performing.

We are currently using less than 190 Watts in the house, therefore we have excess energy being used to recharge the batteries. If we have a power failure now or Load Shedding, we won't use our batteries.


  1. Thanks David Lipschitz, I have found an interesting website which is giving you actual performance data real time of about 1000 Solar PV installations all over mainly Europe, but as well a couple in ZA:

  2. Somehow the link did not come through:
    Thanks David Lipschitz, I have found an interesting website...