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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Our precarious and paradoxical existence

Load Shedding for 48 hours (worst case scenario and we are already at 7.5 hours of Load Shedding per day):

No electricity!
No heating or cooling!
No water!
No petrol! No diesel!
No food supply!
Food in fridges goes off!
Food in supermarkets disappears!
Food in warehouses disappears!
People in hospitals die as the generators probably won't run for more than 2 days continuously without being refuelled.
Riots as people start looking for food and water!
We die.

We plan for retirement in 30 years time. We insure ourselves in case our stuff gets stolen or our house burns down. We plan Christmas Holidays.

But we live an incredibly precarious life as we don't think about what might happen in two days time!

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