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Friday, July 24, 2015

Is censorship possible or even a good idea in an adult world?

Some weekend reading ... And an action that you must take if you want to continue to use the Internet.

Please sign this petition.

There are 11 million people on Facebook in South Africa and only 24,446 people have signed this petition. I wonder how the 11 million people will feel when they can't use the internet anymore? I wonder how Facebook and Google and Amazon will feel when they can't advertise to their loyal customers anymore and when they can't provide the important SAAS (Software As a Service) services that many of us pay for?

IMHO, the police are far better off leaving the internet as it is, open, and so they can actually monitor it. Once it is closed, it will also be closed to them!

I am currently moving all my web sites and BLOGs out of South Africa, mainly because South Africa's internet services are deteriorating so much, but also because most of my clients are actually outside South Africa and for other reasons explained below.

I also have a number of contractors outside South Africa already who are doing amazing work for me. Why do this? It is just so difficult to get rid of shoddy people in South Africa. And these people have the same chance as the overseas people to list themselves on UpWork, etc, but they just aren't there. People like me want to do everything on the internet. If you aren't publishing yourself and making yourself available on the internet, you are probably a loser in a 21st Century Prosumer World.

One of my contractors is in the Ukraine and another is in the Philippines.

This legislation is yet more South African government bureaucracy and inefficiency and expense which is killing jobs. A pity really as the local companies will lose out and the overseas companies are much cheaper, and in many cases, free!

Besides which, if there is internet censorship in South Africa, then there will be thousands of job losses in any case.

Not sure if you know but there is already a private wireless internet springing up as more and more people move off Telkom etc. As more and more people join this network, it will have multiple satellite dishes and it will not be able to be policed.

With digital TV coming, I will also not be upgrading and will rather use satellite communications and Netflix. More money lost to the SA fiscus as I won't need a TV license, and I won't watch any local programs, so even more jobs lost.

Stupid really of this government to think they can control the very people who are paying their salaries, and especially in an internet age where there are so many alternatives. THE DARK AGES WILL NOT RETURN.

Homeowners and Communities can viably make our own electricity and drinking water already and Urban Farms already produce 20% of the world's food, grown in cities.

All secrecy and repression of information laws are all preludes to fascism, so we must fight these UNJUST LAWS with all the CIVIL LIBERTIES we have, before we have none, and it will be entirely our own fault, for just not being involved.

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