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Monday, July 27, 2015

Permaculture Course in 2010

In the Winter of 2010, June 2010, I did a permaculture course with Robina McCurdy at Jakkalskloof farm near Swellendam.

From my notes: We learnt about Carrying Capacity, Legal Structures, Entry and Exit, Housing Strategy, Financial Constraints, Social Processes, Conflict Resolution, Watched DVDs, went on walks, created a model of the terrain using sand, string for roads and rivers, talked around the camp fire one night, invited the neighbouring farmers round for supper one night. I fed the chickens every day and collected the eggs. Free range, organic, grain fed. Fabulous. Did two 5.30am (rooster woke me up - I had to find out why) meditations with stars so close I could touch them! Saw satellites, shooting stars, aircraft taking off at 6am. Met amazing people. Did Tai Chi on other days. Learnt about "zones" and "seasonal calendars".

All this is important as part of a Community Power Station. If you'd like me to talk about why, please let me know.

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