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Friday, July 17, 2015

Mind Map: Power-Gen Africa #PGAfrica 2015 Conference David Lipschitz 16th July 2015 Day 2

The Second Day of PowerGen 2015 at the CTICC, Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, on 16th July 2015.

A mind map by David Lipschitz.

1: The centre of the Mind Map

2: Policy, Regulation & Privatisation Panel Discussion

Speakers: Angeli Hoekstra from PWC; Melusi Maposa from Accenture; Seamus Fitzgerald from ESS, Dublin; Richard Badge from Volta River Authority, Ghana; Mike Malcahy from Green Cape, who spoke about the Atlantis SEZ (Special Development Zone).

3: Capacity Building Panel Discussion

Speakers: Louis Jestin, EDF & Eskom EPPEI; Jens Reich, STEAG; Phindile Mooketse, Eskom Medupi Technical Plant Manager; Francois Petersen, Eskom EPPEI.

Subjects: Consultation, Design and Implementation; High Performance Utility Model; The Decision Tree for Capacity Building in (South) Africa; The Challenge of the Skills Shortage in South Africa; Eskom EPPEI (Eskom Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute).

4: Energy Storage Panel Discussion

David Lipschitz in the Chair

Panel: Mu'azzam Kippie, Eskom Hydro; Professor Wikus van Niekerk (Stellenbosch University); Precious Husvu, Eskom Compressed Air

Subjects: Battery and Energy Storage Overview; "Non-minimum" problem in hydro; CSP with Storage; PV with Compressed Air Storage.

There was another panel discussion later in the afternoon, which I didn't attend as I was in some meetings on the exhibition floor.


"People": some of the people I met and what they said.

"Research": more things for me to find out about.

[]: anything is square brackets are my thoughts, possibly for more research.

Note: I have done 3D mind maps in the past. this is the first time I have put a hole day of mind maps on a single page. Hope you like it and look forward to your feedback.

PS: I have permission from Pennwell to publish this Mind Map. I thoroughly recommend their conferences. If you'd like me to present this mind map to you, please let me know.

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