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Friday, July 17, 2015

Mind Map: Power-Gen Africa #PGAfrica 2015 Conference David Lipschitz 15th July 2015 Day 1

Mind Map: Power-Gen Africa #PGAfrica 2015 Conference David Lipschitz 15th July 2015 Day 1

The PowerGen Conference was on in Cape Town at the CTICC, Cape Town International Convention Centre, from 15th to 17th July 2015.

This presentation shows:
1) Start here

2) Plenary Keynotes with Nigel Blakeby from Pennwell, Mr Jacob Mbile who represented Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson from the DOE, Mr Brian Molefe, CEO of Eskom, Mr Sicelo Xulu from City Power in Johannesburg. I was surprised by Mr Xulu's honesty and welcomed his discussion, especially the section on Digitization, which is so critical for micro-grids, and efficiency of the grid, and reduction of waste.

3) Plenary Panel Discussion: subject: The challenges facing the electricity supply industry in Africa

4) Mr Xulu spoke again in the Plenary. A very interesting man.

5) After lunch, a panel discussion in the Technical Track on Gas Engines (generators that use gas)

6) A panel discussion in the Strategic Track on Energy Planning: Transitioning the Power System. This was so complex that I created the sub mind maps for Rodin Consulting and "How will SA grow its electricity supply".

"People": some of the people I met and what they said.

"Research": more things for me to find out about.

[]: anything is square brackets are my thoughts, possibly for more research.

Note: I have done 3D mind maps in the past. this is the first time I have put a hole day of mind maps on a single page. Hope you like it and look forward to your feedback.

PS: I have permission from Pennwell to publish this Mind Map. I thorough recommend their conferences. If you'd like me to present this mind map to you, please let me know.


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