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Friday, June 5, 2015

BBC Africa Debate on BBC World tonight (5th June 2015) at 7pm GMT, 9pm South African Time.

Breaking News Involving David Lipschitz

Listen to the radio at 7pm GMT tonight if you can.

I was invited to attend a #bbcafricadebate debate on Africa's energy future with the BBC.

It is called the BBC World Service Africa Debate.

It was excellent and an opportunity to hear decision makers make speeches and answer questions and I had a wonderful discussion with Alderman Ian Neilson, the Executive Deputy Mayor of the great City of Cape Town, and he is also in charge of Finance.

He said I am antagonistic, and I said that the reason I am antagonistic is because I don't get replies when I write to him and others.

The only way I get replies is if I write to newspapers and magazines and ask questions on radio and if I meet people like Ian in person. He responded very well to my questions, and to a BBC reporter's questions and my hopes that ALL energy options are being looked at by the City of Cape Town have been raised.

Thanks to Mary Morgan and her team at the BBC for organising the debate and for inviting me and many other IAPs (interested and affected parties).

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