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Monday, June 22, 2015

CNBC Africa Interview on 23rd June 2015

Dear all

I, David Lipschitz, will be interviewed on live TV tomorrow morning at 9.20am, so if you have time watch CNBC Africa on DSTV Channel 410 and maybe you'll see me.

I'll be in their Cape Town studios and they'll interview me from their Joburg studios.

It'll be the first time I am being interviewed on live TV.

Here is their email to me:

Thank you once again for agreeing to be on our show. As per our telephone conversation, your interview will be at 09h20 and it will be centred around the proposed tariff hikes by Eskom. Will this assist the indebted power utility? What will some of the implications to the consumer be if the hikes are implemented? Our presenter, Tumisho Grater will give you a ring in the morning to talk more about the points that she would like to address during the interview.

Show: Open Exchange 08h45-10h00
Presenters: Tumisho Grater
Channel: CNBC Africa, DStv 410
Interview duration: +/-8 minutes @ 09h20


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