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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Load Shedding talk to the Jewish Seniors

I did a talk on Load Shedding at the Jewish Seniors this morning.

They called me yesterday afternoon at short notice and told me their speaker couldn't make it and they asked if I would do a presentation. I changed my arrangements and did my Load Shedding presentation.

Their projector stopped working, so I went to plan B which is my presentation using 3 posters, which also allows me to talk on Feed In Tariffs, Grid Tie, Batteries, Grid Parity, etc.

It worked well.

Here is their social worker's email to me:

"What can I say, you were an amazing success and a hit with the seniors. They loved you and found your talk extremely interesting.

"Thank you for you willingness to come at such short notice, for your support and adaptability.

"I hope we can book you again soon for another talk."


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