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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

TOU and DR for homeowners!!

It's time for Time of Use Tariffs and Demand Response for Homeowners.

Let homeowners decide for themselves if they want to pay more for electricity at peak times and or have load shedding or part load shedding.

And please don't let Eskom say its impossible. I lived in the UK from 1987 till 1995 and we already had Time of Use Tariffs in the UK back then on meters where we paid our accounts in arrears.


Oh, and its about time that homeowners understand these abbreviations:

  • TOU: Time of Use Tariffs: paying different rates for electricity at different times of the day
  • DR: Demand Response: switching off particular circuits such as cooking, geysers, air conditioning, under floor heating, swimming pool pumps, etc, which don't affect all the things we need to keep running in our houses. And if you are cooking a cake and you don't want the oven to switch off, you press a button and the oven stays on and you just pay a higher rate until your cake is cooked.

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