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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jeremy Rifkin on Social Capital and Trust

Jeremy Rifkin talking about social capital and trust. A clip from a much longer recording he made at the CEBIT IT conference in Hanover, Germany, in March 2015.

I believe that Trust is the single biggest problem facing South Africa. As soon as we start trusting each other, change will happen.

I believe that the reason that big businesses like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, Liberty, SAB, and so many others got big and great is because the founders stayed together and worked through their problems and didn't steal from each other. They looked and look to the long term value they can give to their clients and therefore they got rewarded for their vision. But number 1: they trusted each other and they stayed together.

This clip is part of a much longer 1 hour 23 minute talk which you should watch in total: https://youtu.be/75yiRvi48RQ

Jeremy Rifkin supports my view, which you can also see here: https://youtu.be/I7W6kn9M8pI

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