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Monday, June 8, 2015

Professional Speakers Association of South Africa

Load Shedding Talk

Tonight I did a talk at the PSASA: Professional Speakers Association of South Africa.

There were about 22 people there, including people who came from as far as Somerset West. Not sure if they came specifically to hear me as there was also an international speaker on Skype and a "5 minute speaker."

I was given 40 minutes; good practice.

My third talk on "Load Shedding, Why it Happens and What we can do about it" since 27th July (less than two weeks ago).

I am enjoying all this publicity, and more importantly getting through to people about this particular subject. Let's get it higher on our radars and each of us doing our bit to not only be energy efficient, but also to make the electricity our national grid so sorely needs.

If you'd like a talk on Load Shedding, or Net Metering, or Grid Tie, or Feed In Tariffs, or IPPs, or Energy Efficiency, or Demand Response, or Retail Wheeling, or Why do we need electricity anyway? or Why are we in this mess? or Fracking, or Living Off Grid, or How to retire without retirement funding, then give me a call.

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