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Sunday, July 17, 2016

A bigger picture. David Lipschitz letter to the Cape Times published Mon 30 May 2016

In the light of your article "Bill means land owners may not be compensated" (Cape Times, May 27), do I still need to pay my rates now that my land is worthless?

I bought my house from the previous owner and it goes back several owners until 1963, when the land was sold by Milnerton Estates to the first owner. Milnerton Estates have owned Milnerton, Tableview, Parklands, etc since it was farmland. From whom did they buy it? Is it responsible to me for the value of my property, assuming that it gets confiscated? Who is the original owner of the land? God? Who did He give it to? How far back should we go back to determine "ownership"?

We are all here temporarily in any case. Life expectancy in South Africa is only 56 years and the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old.

Our galaxy is about 13 billion years old, and according to your newspaper, there are at least 50 galaxies that are visible to the MeerkAT telescope using just four dishes.

Who really owns the land?

Oh, and do I need to continue paying rates? And if so, to whom?

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