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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Stats Misleading. David Lipschitz Letter to the Cape Times published Thu 21 Jul 2016

FURTHER to my note about genetically modified (GM) seeds in my article on July 19, I just found some earlier research. A hectare of maize farmed by a Native American could yield two tons of maize per hectare. The same hectare farmed with Monsanto seed can yield six tons of maize per hectare.

But statistics are misleading.

"The Native American cultivates a mixed crop on the same land area. Beans twining round the maize stalks, fruit, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and several kinds of vegetable, fruits and medicinal herbs. He produces a good 15 tons of foodstuffs per hectare... without commercial fertilisers or pesticides." Jose Lutzenberger, The Absurdity of Modern Agriculture, published in 1998!

With the GM seed ONLY that crop is produced, thus the total effect is nine tons less food (and ethanol) per hectare.

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