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Friday, July 29, 2016

The end of a (programming) language?

Dear friends

Delphi is not being shut down and I have reinvigorated my investment in it in August 2017.
Delphi has been my front end development tool of choice since 1995 when it was released and before that Turbo Pascal was my development tool of choice.

Pascal and Delphi are really intuitive to use and it is especially easy to maintain software written in them.

And today, using Delphi, one can develop native applications for Windows 32, Windows 64, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, smartwatches, IOT (internet of things), etc.

My journey with programming started with programming in Assembler and then in 1979, I become Cape Town's first Apple and BASIC expert, at the ripe old age of 15.

I worked in the new Computers Etc shop in the new Link shopping centre in Claremont and by the end of the December holidays, I knew BASIC inside out. BASIC stands for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.

I was born BC, Before personal Computers, and at UCT, in 1983, I was part of the last generation of students who used punch cards on a Univac 1100 mainframe.

My journey in Pascal started in about 1980 on an Apple II with a Z80 card, running CP/M. And Pascal ran on this hardware and software stack.

Anything anyone can do in C, I can do in Pascal.

I can blaze a trail in Pascal, named after Blaise Pascal, a child prodigy like me, who couldn't catch (school work) and didn't understand (stand under authority or fit in) at school.

And I am a Delphi evangelist, using both the Delphi front end development tool with the Oracle relational database management system, hence I might be called a Delphi at Oracle.

The programming language Delphi might be at the end of its useful life, but there is a free version of Delphi called Lazarus, the subject of yet another miracle.

The zero marginal cost economy ethos says that the marginal cost of everything in a capitalist society will be driven towards zero and perhaps Lazarus is a true successor to Delphi. Licensing Delphi is about R15,000 per annum. Theoretically licensing Lazarus is free, an infinite decrease in price!

I am happy to be a programmer.

I continue to remain your servant.

Humbly yours,

David Lipschitz

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