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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Virtual Parliament. David Lipschitz Letter to the Cape Times published Mon 25 Jul 2016

IN REPLY to Ben Smit's letter, "An idiotic route" (Cape Times, July 22), perhaps an answer is to go back to having politicians that have full time jobs?

Parliament was only really created because the far-flung volunteers who provided oversight to the government needed a place to work and stay (once empire was created) whilst parliament was in session.

And once these volunteers had moved in, they never left. Today with the internet and webinars, Parliament has become a relic.

The land that Parliament is on in Cape Town and Pretoria can be sold, and all the second dwellings and second cars can be sold, and the money used to create inner-city places for dispossessed people to live. The running costs of this venture can come from the money saved from flights and flying specialists in to present to Parliament.

These specialists can present on Virtual Private Networks on the internet, safe from prying eyes.

And existing parliamentarians can receive their current salaries for a period of two years whilst they find jobs in the private sector. Thereafter, the money used to pay them can go into paying for tertiary education.

PS: Thank you to Sandy Le Fevre and all the other people who support the "regular contributors" letters, verbally and in the paper. I appreciate your acknowledgements and support.

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