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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Africa for those who have Ubuntu in veins. David Lipschitz letter to the Cape Times published Thu 23 Jun 2016

I read of riots. I read posts on Facebook from my friends who see darkness and not light.

"South Africa is ruined" is the refrain. And in these same people I see "armchair activists", apathetic people who will pick up a pen, but not get out into the streets and make a difference. These armchair activists are a pathetic (apathetic) sight! There are lots of good people around. I have been traveling with them in Uber and in minibus taxis for the past week.

I have so much confidence in them that I am selling my car and going private.

Getting off public transport and going private? The wrong way around? Nope: Uber is run and managed and governed privately, and is regulated privately. The driver and the passenger rate and comment on each other.

Minibus taxis are private. They are "a law unto themselves". They "own" the road. And soon they will also have their own app. And be twice as strong as they are now.

Africans, and those born here, have Ubuntu running in our veins. We want the very best for each other. We love and are compassionate no matter what names we are called. My black friends are called "k******" whilst I am told "your grandparents should have perished in the Holocaust!".

I too am an "outcast" who "society" is trying to cast away. Why? Because I am free. Just as my African brothers and sisters are truly free, owning land in the Eastern Cape, with fresh mountain water, the highest quality food in the world, and the best outdoor environment known to mankind.

Just ask where they go on holiday and you will know where their hearts and minds are whilst challenged daily in "the city".

Yet the fisherman's net has been cast and the lure of the city awaits. Bright lights and noise attract people seeking "the light".

And "the light" is already in their hearts and minds.

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