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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mentoring Vital in Treating Depression. David Lipschitz letter to the Cape Times published Wed 13 Jul 2016

Your articles about mentoring and depression today (Cape Times, July 12) refer.

I had a meeting with Mr Nagel today. I asked him if he had seen these articles. He said he had and he wondered if I had noticed that they were on the same page. I said yes, and I said that I believe that the answer to depression is not only a "medical" one, but also a mentorship one.

I firmly believe that many (young) people are depressed because they are misunderstood.

And Mr Nagel said that it is time for a new academy to be started to mentor one million people from Lentegeur and the surrounds. He and I will carry this out over the next seven years.

And back to "the coincidence". Mentoring is above Depression. Mathematically if one were to "solve" the equation of mentoring and depression, one would put mentoring above depression, i.e. mentoring solves depression, hence why these two articles were coincidentally (?) organised the way they were in your newspaper and also why Mr Nagel and I coincidentally (?) met today.

One should note that Mitchells Plain's Mental Hospital is in Lentegeur. We would like to work with them to combine our mentorship and guiding philosophy with their medical drugs. We believe that depressed people are going through their "process" - "the valley of the shadow of death" that I wrote about in a previous article.

These people might need the drugs to help them get through the valley to the other side. However, if all the drugs do is keep them on the same side of the valley that they started on, then the medical profession will have failed in its duty by treating the symptom rather than the whole.

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