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Monday, July 18, 2016

Paradigm Shift. David Lipschitz letter to the Cape Times published Mon 18 Jul 2016

In case you're wondering what is going on in Turkey and Britain, watch Tracy Chapman's "Talkin' Bout a Revolution" on Youtube at https://youtu.be/EAscWLlvUKY

People are rising up against their corrupt "leaders" who have forgotten how to listen to the (their?) people. The last time this happened, the world experienced The French Revolution.

I personally believe that bloodshed is not required anymore. Talking is needed. Trust is needed.

Equanimity must be used to replace ignorance, and aversion with compassion and unconditional love on an abundant planet which a few people have corrupted by creating artificial scarcity.

People must be allowed to say what they truly think (about each other), and they must have trusted guides, without agendas, who can facilitate this discussion in a tranquil manner in a beautiful setting like the City of Cape Town. My personal suggestion is that these discussions are held inside St George's Cathedral, which was a bastion and barricade against apartheid and other past dangers.

Talking and action, with self and community regeneration, is already happening in grass-roots communities in (South) Africa, and in "awakened companies" (see book by Catherine Bell) throughout the world.

Government is not needed anymore, at least not the way it is currently structured. Something else is needed. And ubuntu and its foundation of "seeing each other for who we truly are, inside" will show us a way.

Its not the best quality photo. On the right of the left hand page is my letter as published above.

On the right hand page is Bill Gates letter.
We are finally next to each other.

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