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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Super Profits in Electricity Generation


"Electricity networks are run as super-profit-making operations with few environmental responsibilities."

Eskom and their suppliers and the oil giants don't want anyone to know this!

They are so scared of renewable energy that they are doing everything in their power to prevent renewable energy's market penetration, even if it means that their countries are in terminal decline!

Note that there are super-profits to be made in Renewable Energy generation. The only thing is that these profits sit with the customer, who becomes a power station. If you are paying R1.47 per kWh (including VAT) for your electricity and you can produce your own electricity for R1.36 per kWh and never have another price increase, you will very quickly see the super-profits you will make. And if you get the big rebates that Eskom give their big customers, you can reduce your electricity cost to 94 cents per kWh or less.

35,000 private people spending an average of R1,000 per month on electricity are spending over R1 million per day on electricity. If you spend more than R1m a day on electricity you are one of Eskom's biggest customers. If you build a power station and supply Eskom with electricity, either by reducing your consumption so that Eskom can sell to other people, or by actually supplying the grid with electricity, you can make these super-profits. And if you can supply the electricity to the grid at peak time, you can make even more money! Peak time is 7 to 10am and 6 to 8pm. The 6 to 8pm peak will earn you more money than the 7 to 10am peak.

We can start this project by getting a group of people together who are spending R500,000 per month on electricity. Do you want to join us? Are you interested in saving 85% of your electricity bills over the next 20 years and in making an income at the same time? Let us know. Reply to this BLOG or join the SAAEA and help us with our work.

By: David Lipschitz, Board Member of the SAAEA