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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Testimonial from Andre J Smith

How incredible is this testimonial from Andre. Thank you Andre J Smith

David Lipschitz makes you think!?

His online presence in the form of mypowerstation.biz is not what you might expect. It is far more.

Globally and locally we are witnessing climate and natural resource crises. The drought in the southern regions of Africa (the Cape) have no solution in sight. The new US administration is critically changing the rules of climate change engagement which will almost certainly jeopardize our chances of containing worst case scenarios.

We need hard facts based in good science with viable technological solutions.

But, vitally, we need to understand and feel what the problems are.

Cold science is not enough. We MUST care about our personal relationship with our environment, our Earth and even the universe.

And, this is what David Lipschitz achieves with MyPowerPlant.

He has interwoven his strong understanding of energy science and information systems with his personal spiritual experience and insights.

In short, he reminds us that the motivation to change, the desire to co-survive with our fellow humans and planet require our looking deep inside our own shared humanity.

In Africa the word is Ubuntu. In ancient times it was alchemy. Maybe we can say we need soul to survive an uncertain future.

Soul that drives good science.

So, spend some time often with MyPowerStation. Be inspired to be informed.

Information changes lives.

See http://mypowerstation.biz/ and https://www.facebook.com/MyPowerStation/
review penned by Andre J Smith (picTure & adVenture co.)

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